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A narrative puzzle-adventure about an important delivery that explores the importance of time.

Make a special delivery to a reclusive wizard before they part town for good, leaving the town with no magic and no time-travel for the folks of Ozona. Meet the people of Ozona and solve puzzles to deliver a time-bending watch before it's too late. The fate of the town and its people rests on Domino's shoulders to convince the wizard to stay.


  • Explore a New Desert: Glide across Ozona's sandy expanse, delivering watches, mingling with locals, and diving into wild tales!

  • Solve Puzzles: Solve puzzles, unveil realms, and meet cool characters using time-travel!

  • Make Deliveries to Save the Town: Embark on quests for quirky locals, all pointing to the big finale: delivering to the reclusive wizard of Ozona, the one and only Wizzy!


Release Date: Coming soon! Play the demo on Steam!

Regular Price: TBD


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You're a new hire at Redify, a startup that loves changing the world! It's up to you to turn the company around and climb to the executive level by making very important decisions.

Work with a variety of unique co-workers and respond to their messages to navigate corporate politics in this unique twist on a visual novel.


  • Meaningful choices: The choices impact the story, how people perceive you, and whether you get promoted or not. Unwind and have a little fun with two hours of hilarious decisions and dialogue in this emoji-driven branching narrative.

  • Unique characters: Who will you side with? We know Karen can be a downer, but sometimes we get tired of Joey's toxic positivity.

  • Get promoted: Side with colleagues and make decisions for the company through six chapters of a life-fulfilling tech job.

  • Replay: Unlock new characters, emojis, and channels.


Chief Emoji Officer is Bodeville's first game. After living and working in Silicon Valley for many years, founders Alexia Mandeville and Bo Boghosian decided to write a narrative game that captures the essence of the 2020's tech landscape.

In hilarious fashion, CEO blurs the line between what is comedy and what is real.


Release Date: 4/7/2023

Regular Price: $2.99 USD


  • Alexia Mandeville (Art, Game Design, Writing)
  • Bo Boghosian (Engineering, Music, Writing)


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